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Ground-Breaking, Game-Changing Expertise.

"Harold's Programs Consistently Drive Increased ROI & Shareholder Wealth"


"Harold, your recommendations and program execution have spearheaded a fresh new solution in capturing the minds and hearts of millions of prospective vacationers."
"You broke the barrier and became the first-ever corporate exec in the world to raise the global awareness of autism by perhaps the most creative-ever ad campaign. We are eternally indebted."
"Kudos for redefining today's CMO/CMTO to us."
"Thanks, a new brand with an international online commerce presence has been ignited."
"Harold, your fortitude, persistence and singular focus enabled us with a go-to-market strategy that has already proven invaluable."
"Harold is very knowledgeable of both the industry and his clients, with particular emphasis on delivering quality service to customers."
"You've executed with precision a nearly impossible program with nearly impossible specs - on a equally impossible budget and timeline."
"We are now able to present to investors and the media with a compelling strategy that articulates our growth plans."
"A benchmark for marketing ROI and marketing optimization is now possible as a result of your leadership."
"We thank you for your spirited leadership and assembling such a high-quality team who are bringing pride to the NTT brand worldwide."
"Thank you for taking ownership of our complex transition to the marketplace and investors. Your insight and thoughtful plan have been accepted with unanimous approval across all audiences."
"Harold is without a doubt the most strategically oriented yet tactically prolific communications professional I've ever run across in my 23 years in the software business. His insights, timing, judgment and raw energy are extraordinary."
"Harold, we applaud your teamwork and efforts to build and protect the NEC brand in North America."
"Congratulation for a job well done in building a world-class team of professionals who have raised measurable awareness of our brand across a number of industries."
"When you first created the concept for DocuWorld, you ignited our revolution into the world of digital print."
"The quality of the work performed has been highly professional."
"Wo Liegen Die Grenzen Ihres Systems has become our brand position in Germany and around the world. Thanks for lifting our brand and products to new supersonic levels."
"The program has contributed greatly to achieving our objectives."
"The program you and your team conceived and executed flawlessly has enabled us to successfully enter new markets with high growth potential. Thank you so much."
"Despite the huge obstacles you were handed by our internal communities, you developed a program that enabled us to reach our lofty targets."
"Thank you for participating in the recent meeting on discrimination and hate crimes on the Internet. I look forward to our working together." Andrew Cuomo as Secretary of HUD
"Harold's professional career has been marked with dedication, hard work and a relentless pursuit of accomplishing high-quality performance."
"The White Oak Venture Funding Group thanks you for your carefully crafted and detailed business strategy plans that identify and create new markets of explosive growth potential."
"Congratulations. We received a standing ovation, lots of handshakes, and hearty words of endorsement."