S t r a t e g i c   M a r k e t i n g   C o n s u l t a n t

Ground-Breaking, Game-Changing Expertise.

"The Program Has Contributed
Greatly To Achieving Our Objectives."


Harold Miltsch can be engaged on either a consultant or employment basis. His expertise and work efforts span five distinct areas in a variety of industries and for a variety of clients, including start-up ventures. His assignments are typically direct at the C-level and with investment groups. While he is based in the US East Coast, he is multi-lingual with excellent capacity to work in and understand diverse cultures including Europe and Asia. Contact 844-MILTSCH.


Consulting. Innovation & Exponential Growth. The opportunity to harness digital technology. The opportunity to realize new productivity. The opportunity to shatter old ways of thinking and redefine a market. The opportunity to seize new global and online markets.


Strategy: Harold's strategy work includes: review and analysis of current business plans, development of new strategies and business plans, IR presentation of corporate plans to media, analysts and investors, functional integration planning.

Marketing & Sales: Harold's marketing and sales work includes: competitive analysis, sales channel analysis and recommendations, marketing budget and ROI analysis and recommendations, marketing services analysis and recommendations, development of new marketing plans and organizations along with budget and ROI benchmarks.

Organization: Harold's organization work includes: review and analysis of current human capital assets, development of new talent structures, evaluation of internal and external talent resources.

Social Media: Harold's work provides clients the means of launching social media in all its forms that deliver results that are more enriching, vivid and involving for unparalleled solutions that deliver the new era of social media.

Digital Technologies: Harold's work provides clients the means of identifying and launching powerful digital platforms that offer extensive technology and business optimization across the entire organization with the right level of performance for your organization today, and tomorrow.

Whenever innovation is vital for your exponential growth, consider the accomplishments that have made
Harold Miltsch a thought leader in strategy, marketing and sales, organization, social media and digital technologies.